Emotional Support for Those With Alzheimer’s

December 11, 2013 abigail Comments

Alzheimer’s is a scary, complex and stressful disease for an individual. If someone in your family has Alzheimer’s, providing strong emotional support for them is important. Many who battle Alzheimer’s become depressed and remove themselves from social settings due to losing the ability to effectively communicate with people. You can provide support in a variety of ways to your loved one, no matter what stage of the disease they are in. Here is a list of ways you can show emotional support to your loved one.

– Offer to attend doctor’s visits with your loved one in the beginning stages. Being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s can be frightening and having a family member along side can bring comfort.

– Help map out your loved one’s future. Whether that is providing care at home, moving them to an assisted living or even selling their home. Having a plan in place will keep everyone on the same page.

– If your loved one lives in an assisted living or in a nursing home, visit them often. Having a familiar face around will provide a sense of home. If your loved one is still able, take them out for small trips, like to a coffee shop or shopping for new clothes.

– Be as patient as possible when you are around your loved one. Listen to what they are saying and encourage them to talk and be social.

– Bring something of value when you visit your loved one in an assisted living. A trinket from their home, their favorite blanket or even a pet to help them feel loved and appreciated. Pet therapy is said to be very effective with Alzheimer’s individuals.

– Remember to show physical affection to your loved one. Hold their hand; give them a hug or even a backrub to bring them emotional and physical comfort.

Throughout all stages of Alzheimer’s, your loved one will need lots of love and support from people who are close to them. Even as their memory fades, they will always remember the feeling of love and care from family and friends. This is a time they will need you the most. Give them your shoulder to lean on and lifetime of compassion and friendship.

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