Edna’s Kroger Birthday Bash

June 27, 2014 abigail Comments

The Woodlands Cottage celebrated an extra special birthday this month when Mrs. Edna turned 99. Now, not only is the fact that she had her 99th birthday special, but also the theme of her party was one to remember.

Mrs. Edna was a long time employee with the popular grocery story Kroger throughout most of her life. She was a proud Kroger employee and still believes to this day that she works there. The Woodlands Cottage staff wanted to throw Mrs. Edna the best 99th birthday party and to show how much they cared about her, they decided to decorate the cottage with Kroger everything! From balloons and signs, to a Kroger apron and name tag for Edna, there was not one part about the birthday bash that didn’t have Kroger’s name on it. The local Kroger in The Woodlands was so excited to hear about the birthday party that they made a one of a kind cake for Edna. They transposed a Kroger through the years picture on a cake and in that photo they photo shopped in Mrs. Edna.

The party was a huge hit! Mrs. Edna’s family and friends came and cherished every minute of it. Edna was absolutely beside herself, she was unbelievably thrilled to put on her Kroger apron and name tag and share a special day with all the people she loved.

Hats off to The Woodlands Cottage for creating a truly amazing birthday party that will be remembered for years to come!



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