Easter Party at Humble Cottage

April 25, 2014 developer Comments

Last week AutumnGrove’s Humble Cottage had their annual Easter Party for the residents and their families. This was my first year to join in on the festivities and boy was I in for a treat! First off every family member plus many more showed up to celebrate a beautiful afternoon with their loved ones and the Humble Cottage staff. The cottage was packed full of people, delicious food and a lifetime of Easter love. It was a potluck dinner and families were asked to bring their favorite dish. There was so much food! From Easter cookies to fried chicken and all kinds of side dishes, no one had to worry about going home hungry.

Humble Cottage manager, Lisa, and her caregivers had every inch of the cottage decorated for Easter. From paper eggs on the residents’ bedroom doors to what seemed like hundreds of eggs in the backyard, it was a sight to see. Before everyone dug into the amazing food, one Humble Cottage resident, Mr. Ned, gave an opening prayer. The former pastor blessed the food, the families and all the staff and by the time he was done there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. It was such a sweet moment to share with the staff and families. I couldn’t believe all of the love and kindness that spread through the cottage that afternoon. I felt like I was part of a special family, who no matter what the situation, showed the same warmth and gentleness to everyone they spoke with. So check out some of the photos I snapped, some of them will melt your heart.

Lisa and Resident

Humble Family 2

Humble Family 3




Mr. Ned saying the prayer.

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