Spending the Day With Four Legged Friends

March 3, 2014 abigail Comments

At AutumnGrove Cottage, we all enjoy the company of therapy pets. We have a certified therapy dog, Lucy, that visits each cottage on a weekly basis and both the staff and residents loved when it is her day to visit. Lucy enjoys the company of the residents just as much as they enjoy her. She sides quietly beside them so that each resident has a chance to give her a scratch behind the ears. Pet therapy helps Alzheimer’s seniors in various ways. From giving them comfort and peace to allowing them to interact with fetch and tricks, all the animals that visit the cottages bring smiles to everyone’s face. Along with our “in house” friend, Lucy, the cottages are also visited by volunteers’ therapy animals. The majority of our visitors are dogs, but we have even had the occasional cat and rabbit. But no matter the kind of animal we know how much our residents enjoy each and every moment they get to spend with their furry new friends.


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