Cottage Events and Parties

April 10, 2013 abigail Comments

IMAG0573Holidays and special occasions are the best time to spend with family and close friends. Whether your whole family comes together for a grand Thanksgiving dinner or if it is just you and a buddy out for your birthday, you learn that those special occasions are full of lasting memories.  At AutumnGrove Cottage we love celebrating with family and friends. The cottages are known to throw birthday parties for residents, caregivers and managers as well as having huge Fourth of July BBQs. Every year around Christmas time, the support staff goes on a “Santa Run” to all of the cottages. They get all dressed up like Santa and his elves and deliver presents and Christmas cheer to every resident. The staff loves to create holiday memories with the residents and their families.

Bernice and SantaeditWhen holidays seem too far apart, managers will create their own special occasions with live entertainment to bring a little extra cheer to the cottages. There has been live music, kids choir groups, jewelry shows, and even pet therapy groups that come into the cottages for the residents. Family members and friends are always welcome to the events. The more the merrier is our motto when it comes to spending quality time with our AutumnGrove family. To stay up to date on cottage events go to our Events Calendar to see more detailed information.


The Katy Cottage is hosting a Stella and Dot Jewelry Show tonight from 7-8 p.m. Come and join in on the fun!

stella and dot

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