Cottage Events: 100 Days of Summer Activities

July 12, 2013 abigail Comments

The Woodlands Cottage has created a list of fun group activities to ensure the staff and residents have a fun filled summer packed full of memories! The cottage manager, Julie, created a list of activities that are brain stimulating, exciting, and down right entertaining. Both the staff and the residents participate in every activity and each person has a blast. All the activities promote brain stimulation, which is important to all of our residents to keep their brains healthy and fit. This list of fun really goes outside the box and is so enticing that members from the community come to the cottage to join in on the action. Some activities on the list include:

  • Trashcan Basketball
  • Pajama Day
  • Fashion Show
  • Drag Racing with toy cars
  • Sending Letters to Heaven
  • Snow Cone Day
  • Homemade Pizza Night
  • Eating Smores

I recently was able to join the residents and staff in making Bleach Pen T-Shirts. It was amazing to see how each resident thought about what they wanted their shirt to say or what type of design they wanted on them. Thank goodness Julie has a crafty gene and was able to draw beautiful flowers for some of the women’s shirts. The men of the cottage on the other hand kept their shirts quite simple, yet they reflected their personalities on them. I even came up with a shirt design that displayed AutumnGrove’s purpose statement and company name.

The Woodlands Cottage has checked off half of their list so far and is looking forward to completing the whole thing. I am hopeful to join in on some more fun at the cottage before the summer ends. Check out the photos to see all the excitement at the cottage.


Toy Car Drag Races


Choosing T-Shirt Designs


Finished T-Shirt

Letters to Heaven3

Letters to Heaven8

Sending Letters to Heaven

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