Copperfield Memory Care

From the moment that residents walk into the AutumnGrove Copperfield memory care facility, they feel that they are a part of something special. Graceful finishes at every turn, a warm décor that makes them feel at home – there is something for everyone at the AutumnGrove Copperfield Memory Care Facility.

The Comforts Of Home

We understand that residents who come to AutumnGrove Copperfield memory care facility can experience an initial shock from being away from home. That is why we do everything possible to make sure that they feel ‘at home’ at our facility. This means having a facility that is both comfortable and laid back. It also means that we do everything we can to make sure that residents feel as though they are home.

The Best Care

At the AutumnGrove Copperfield Memory Care Facility, we know that our residents need a bit more attention than in traditional living options. This is why we make sure that there is always something to do – something to stimulate the senses. This can be something as simple as being in the garden together or engaging in brain-stimulating activities.

At our AutumnGrove Copperfield Memory Care Facility, we believe that it is important that residents have access to activities when they want them, and are able to be independent when they choose. We want to give those who have lost many of their own choices some semblance of choice again – that is why AutumnGrove Copperfield Memory Care Facility is truly innovative.

Our Staff – Our Difference

What truly makes the AutumnGrove Copperfield Memory Care Facility a special place are our professional staff members. People make the difference, not buildings, technology, or design. This is why we invest in making sure that we surround our residents with the best possible staff members. We make sure that our staff members understand the unique needs of patients with memory problems.

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Minimum Rate: $5000/month