Getting to Know the Copperfield Cottage Manager

July 23, 2014 abigail Comments

DSC_0787Kristen Kim

Start Date with AutumnGrove: January 2012

Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: My favorite part of being at AutumnGrove is the small environment. It gives me the ability to be a hands-on manager. Not only do I get time to engage in the activities and personal care for the residents but also the ability to support my residents’ families.

Favorite Activity For Residents: There are a lot and it may change on a daily basis. But a few my residents like are makeovers, balloon toss, and dancing.

What Got You Into Caring for Alzheimer’s Seniors: Seniors have always been a stronghold in my life. From playing Yahtzee with my grandma next door to us having a big family get together every holiday with all of my family, especially my grandparents. Additionally growing up in a big church family and working with the older adults there. But Alzheimer’s is different. I’m often times speaking to people, when asked what I do they bless me for the role that I play in people’s lives. But the true blessing is when you have a breakthrough. You do just that one thing that gets that resident to respond like they’ve never responded before. That’s the true blessing in the whole picture

Favorite Moment of Joy with a Resident: Seeing the residents flourish within the environment. They will often reach a point that they begin relating to others around them. Carrying on conversations and becoming invested in how others are doing. They interact with each other. You can hear empathy, care, compassion and laughter. All of these things just brighten my day and make everything I do worthwhile.

How Long Have You Worked in the Assisted Living Industry: I started August 3rd, 2001. Prior to Senior Living, I was a teacher. I would not trade my decision for the world.


Kristen at the Houston Walk to End Alzheimer’s


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