Celebrating 104 Wonderful Years of Life!

October 27, 2014 abigail Comments

This weekend AutumnGrove Cottage in Pearland celebrated a very special birthday for one of the residents. Mattie B. Hilliard turned 104 years old today and this past Saturday we threw her a one of a kind birthday party. The staff at Pearland Cottage had all kinds of decorations, all in pink (Mattie’s favorite color), and her favorite candy, lollipops, everywhere! Mattie’s son, David, and many of his family members attended the party. AutumnGrove Cottage got the Mayor of Pearland to join in on the fun as well and he gave a proclamation dedicating October 27th as Mattie B. Hilliard Day. It was such a special day for everyone involved and especially for Mattie B. She smiled at everyone who wished her happy birthday and sang and chatted in pure happiness. AutumnGrove Cottage was so honored to be part of this once in a lifetime celebration and we wish Mattie B. the happiest of 104th birthdays and wish you many blessings on you and your family.

Thank you to David Hilliard for allowing our Pearland Cottage to care for your mom and to let us be part of such a lovely lady’s life! Everyone at Pearland Cottage loves Mattie B. and throughly enjoys her company, kindness and warm smile every single day.



(L to R) Pearland Manager, Mayor of Pearland, Mattie’s Son






Mattie B. and her son David



Mattie B. and her family.

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