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When your loved one with dementia is missing

My best friend’s mom wandered off and was found by the police a mile away. My co-worker’s husband went for a walk and got lost two miles away from home. We’ve all heard about cases like these because unfortunately, they are very common. More than 300 dementia patients wander every day, or approximately 125,000 people Read more

May 5, 2018 developer Comments
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Spiritual Activities For People With Alzheimer’s Disease

Many Alzheimer’s patients had a deeply religious or spiritual lifestyle when they were younger. Dementia affects one in ten people over the age of 65 and can wipe out many of the rituals and traditions of their prior lives. It is important for the memory care facility to be respectful of the patients’ faith and Read more

February 20, 2018 developer Comments

Alzheimer’s Caregiver Stress Management

Family caregiving is always hard, but taking care of a family member with Alzheimer’s is way harder. Caregivers who accompany their loved one trough Alzheimer’s difficult journey can attest that, the stress that goes with it, definitely takes a toll on their own physical and mental health. This is why is very important for caregivers Read more

January 28, 2016 developer Comments

Stone Oak Cottage Manager

AutumnGrove would like to introduce you to our Stone Oak Cottage manager, Natalie. Natalie started working for AutumnGrove in February of this year and has been the most wonderful addition to our family. She comes with a great background in nursing and caregiving and it shows everyday through her work at Stone Oak Cottage in Read more

November 19, 2014 developer Comments

2014 Caregiver Appreciation Dinner

This past weekend, AutumnGrove Cottage held our annual caregiver appreciation dinner in honor of all of our hardworking caregivers. This dinner is not only to recognize their dedication in helping our seniors with Alzheimer’s, but it a chance for the rest of the company to give them the huge thanks that they deserve. In true Read more

October 17, 2014 developer Comments

Birthdays and Anniversaries

At AutumnGrove Cottage, we like to recognize our wonderful staff on their work accomplishments and special occasions. Two such occasions that are always honored are birthdays and work anniversaries. We take the time to honor everyone on their two special days to show how much we appreciate their hard work to the company and to Read more

August 22, 2014 developer Comments

Getting to Know the Humble Cottage Manager

Lisa Mortensen Start Date with AutumnGrove: August 2010 Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: I really love only having 16 residents in the cottage. The caregivers and I really get to know the residents’ habits, likes and families in a personal way. It is nice really getting to know them, and it helps us provide better care Read more

August 8, 2014 developer Comments

Getting to Know the Katy Cottage Manager

Pat Jackson Start Date with AutumnGrove: December 2007 Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: I especially enjoy all my caregivers and am so touched to watch them care for our residents. They certainly have the same love I do for our residents, and we are all motivated with compassion for the resident’s families who join Read more

July 30, 2014 developer Comments

Getting to Know the Copperfield Cottage Manager

Kristen Kim Start Date with AutumnGrove: January 2012 Favorite Part About Working for AutumnGrove: My favorite part of being at AutumnGrove is the small environment. It gives me the ability to be a hands-on manager. Not only do I get time to engage in the activities and personal care for the residents but also the Read more

July 23, 2014 developer Comments