senior assisted living

Top Myths About Senior Assisted Living

Deciding to move into a senior assisted living community, or to move your loved one into a community, is a difficult decision to make. While communities do everything in their power to help seniors feel at home and maintain their independence, there are many myths about senior assisted living communities that can unnecessarily prevent some Read more

December 5, 2017 developer Comments

How to Design a Home for the Person with Alzheimer’s

When a loved one begins to develop signs of Alzheimer’s disease, steps need to be taken to be sure that where the person is living is safe. This is because Alzheimer’s care is different than taking care of a loved one with, for example, a heart attack problem. Also, a person who has Alzheimer’s can Read more

February 2, 2017 developer Comments
Alzheimer's dental care

Dental Care for Alzheimer’s Patients (Part 2)

In Part 1, we covered the causes of dental care issues for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. In Part 2, we’re covering how each stage of Alzheimer’s affects the person suffering from this debilitating disease’s reaction to dental treatment. Plus; how to tell if that person has a dental issue if the person can’t speak or Read more

August 30, 2016 developer Comments

Dental Care for Alzheimer’s Patients (Part 1)

Alzheimer’s and dementia both get worse as time goes on. So one important thing is to start early in the disease with a dental care program as soon after diagnosis as possible. Because when oral health is maintained; dignity, social interaction, self-esteem and nutrition is affected positively. While with poor oral health habits there’s a Read more

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therapy for Alzheimer's

Alternative Therapy for Alzheimer’s Disease

Complementary and alternative therapy Alzheimer’s covers a wide range of therapies, including options like music therapy, aromatherapy, and herbal medicine. While there is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, symptoms can often be reduced using one or more therapies designed to improve a patient’s quality of life. Some of these therapies include: Art Therapy Art therapy Read more

June 9, 2016 developer Comments

Visual Stimulation for Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Vision is one of the most important senses, allowing us to gain a plethora of information using only our eyes. Unfortunately, Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias can have a significant impact on the visual processing system. While Alzheimer’s is particularly known to have devastating effects on an individual’s cognition and memory, the disease can also Read more

April 8, 2016 developer Comments

5 Ways Music Boosts Brain Activity

Music Helps Dementia Patients Recall Memories and Emotions A recent study shows that dementia and Alzheimer’s patients can recall memories and emotions, and have enhanced mental performance after singing classic hits and show tunes from movies and musicals – a breakthrough in understanding how music affects those with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Researchers determined the effect music has on Read more

December 19, 2014 developer Comments

Making The Transition into an Alzheimer’s Assisted Living

The day has come to move your loved one into an Alzheimer’s assisted living. Your family has weighed all options over the past couple of weeks and you all have agreed that this is the best option for your loved one. Now the actual day of move-in is here and everyone is nervous about how Read more

December 12, 2014 developer Comments

2014 Caregiver Appreciation Dinner

This past weekend, AutumnGrove Cottage held our annual caregiver appreciation dinner in honor of all of our hardworking caregivers. This dinner is not only to recognize their dedication in helping our seniors with Alzheimer’s, but it a chance for the rest of the company to give them the huge thanks that they deserve. In true Read more

October 17, 2014 developer Comments