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Six Easter activities for Alzheimer’s patients

After a long winter, spring is here! This means the weather is warmer, flowers are blooming, and we start celebrating one of our favorite holidays: Easter! There are many activities that Alzheimer’s caretakers or family members can plan for patients, to help them prepare for Easter and enjoy the holiday. BEST EASTER ACTIVITIES FOR ALZHEIMER’S Read more

March 28, 2018 developer Comments
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Tips for Visits in Memory Care Facility

Visiting your loved ones in a memory care facility is beneficial to both parties. The patient will appreciate the love and attention you bring with you, and you as the visitor will benefit from seeing the joy you bring to your loved ones’ face. Learn how to make the most of your visit: Schedule your Read more

February 8, 2018 developer Comments
Presents for Alzheimer's

Best Christmas Presents for Alzheimer’s patients

Christmas Shopping is stressful for most of us. Children are pretty easy to shop for since they write their wish list to Santa, and most older children are quite happy to get money or gift cards, but what should we get for our loved ones with Alzheimer’s in a memory-care facility? The best gift we Read more

December 20, 2017 developer Comments

How to organize Halloween activities for Alzheimer’s patients

The tree leaves are now a beautiful mix of green, red and orange and the air feels cool and crisp. Pumpkins are everywhere.  Halloween is quickly approaching and signaling the start of fall and winter holidays.  Many Alzheimer’s patients have fond memories of trick-or-treating as children, or celebrating Halloween with their children when they were Read more

October 31, 2017 developer Comments

Grandparents Who Babysit Are Less Likely to Develop Alzheimer’s

Grandchildren add joy to the lives of grandparents, but now a study shows that they may add something else dealing with Alzheimer’s prevention depending on the circumstances. In fact, the North American Menopause Society did a study of 120 grandparents who lived in Australia. They found that grandparents who babysat their grandkids once a week Read more

October 6, 2016 developer Comments

Alzheimer’s Communication Do’s and Don’ts

As Alzheimer’s progresses, your loved one will struggle to find the right words to communicate and easily lose his or her train of thought. Also, it’ll become increasingly harder for that person to understand you. It’s unfortunate, but it’s also an expected part of this condition since it directly affects neuronal functions. Here’s a list Read more

February 3, 2016 developer Comments

Scholarship Contest is Back!

We have launched our 2nd annual scholarship contest and now the power to win $1000 is in your hands! Keep reading to find out how you qualify and apply for the scholarship. Submit your application and then get ready to tell all of your friends to vote on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. We are excited Read more

April 1, 2015 developer Comments

Pearland Cottage Celebrates AutumnGrove Cottage Turning 10

This weekend, Pearland Cottage threw a party in honor of AutumnGrove Cottage turning 10 years old. It was so much fun seeing the family members, residents and staff all interacting, laughing, smiling and spreading AutumnGrove Cottage cheer. Pearland Cottage manager, Bisi, did a wonderful job at decorating the cottage and getting live music for the Read more

February 23, 2015 developer Comments

Enjoying the Little Moments

This month we are highlighting our Pearland Cottage as part of AutumnGrove’s 10th anniversary celebration. I received an email from one resident’s son, Joe, about the funny moments his mother has with the staff at Pearland Cottage. Carolina has lived at the Pearland Cottage since the summer of 2014 and has quickly become friends with Read more

February 12, 2015 developer Comments