Capturing Their Life Story

July 17, 2013 abigail Comments

As my grandmother, Meme, started to have early signs of dementia she decided that her life story needed to be written down for her family to remember. One day she began writing every detail that she could recall about what had happened in her life. Her story began with how her parents met and then continued to include everything from her going to school, getting married, having children, grandchildren and even great grandchildren. After days of capturing every moment, small or big, of her life, she made each of her five children a binder with her story and pictures. My family still has that binder today with Meme’s memories and adventures and we have grown to cherish it more and more since she passed last December.

Have you ever thought of preserving the memories of your loved one’s life? My family was lucky that Meme thought to do so before her memories faded and her life story was lost. What if I told you there is still time for you to capture those precious moments that your loved one has shared with you. You can go about this in many ways depending on how much you understand technology or not. For those who are technologically inclined, there are multiple tablet apps to create a life story. One article I read recently talked about a man who’s grandmother wanted to share her story, so he created an app that recorded her voice and then turned it into an actual book with chapters. That story can be found HERE.

storypress appAnother way is simply to record your loved one by either using a normal tape recorder or by writing down what they say. If your loved one is able, I think it is special when they write out their story, so you not only preserve their memories but also their handwriting. Your family can then keep something that was “handmade” by them and that in itself priceless.

I encourage you to start today. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to cherish your parent or grandparent’s memories forever. If you only get bits and pieces of their life or if you get every single detail, it doesn’t matter because you will always have a part of them with you. Who knows, maybe you will learn something about your loved one that you never knew. So take a few hours every week and journey through the life of someone near and dear to your heart.

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