Importance of Non-verbal Communication when Dealing with People with Dementia

As Dementia and Alzheimer’s diseases progress, they eventually diminish a person’s ability to communicate. This means to the person who has Alzheimer’s, communication becomes stressful. For the person who is involved in Alzheimer’s care of the person, a different way of communication needs to be used along with verbal communication if verbal communication is still Read more

June 14, 2017 developer Comments

Survival Tips for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

Being a caregiver for a senior Alzheimer’s sufferer can be can be both fulfilling and frustrating. This because giving love is in itself fulfilling, yet you know that’s it a disease which doesn’t have a cure and that the person you love will slowly decline. Giving a loved one Alzheimer’s care can also cause you Read more

May 9, 2017 developer Comments

How to Stay Patient and Supportive When Caring for a Person with Dementia

Having a loved one who needs Alzheimer’s care can be challenging. If you’re not careful, caregiving can be all consuming, and you can become not only overwhelmed; but neglectful of your health as well. Taking care of yourself is as important too, as important as caring for your loved one because you are the most Read more

April 18, 2017 developer Comments

Online Resources for Alzheimer’s Caregivers

When your loved one has dementia or Alzheimer’s, finding the most up-to-date information on Alzheimer’s care is important. Information and advice are available through about caring for an Alzheimer’s or dementia sufferer and on how to better take care of yourself during this difficult time. So below is a list of resources which you may Read more

April 12, 2017 developer Comments

How to Find Assisted Living in San Antonio

In San Antonio, assisted living options aren’t difficult to find. With about 165 facilities to choose from, finding a place where your loved one can call home has many options. Some of the services provided by assisted living facilities not only provide safe places to live, but services too. There are caregiver support services as Read more

February 7, 2017 developer Comments

How to Design a Home for the Person with Alzheimer’s

When a loved one begins to develop signs of Alzheimer’s disease, steps need to be taken to be sure that where the person is living is safe. This is because Alzheimer’s care is different than taking care of a loved one with, for example, a heart attack problem. Also, a person who has Alzheimer’s can Read more

February 2, 2017 developer Comments

Tips for Alzheimer’s communication

For a person who has Alzheimer’s and the person who is giving the loved one Alzheimer’s care, communication can become difficult. This is because every person who has Alzheimer’s has different changes happen which affect his or her ability to communicate. The changes in Alzheimer’s communication differ as the disease progresses too. At first, the Read more

January 20, 2017 developer Comments

Happy Halloween!

  Halloween fun is soon to begin. Hope your day is awesome and full of great treats. Have a bewitching night and a very happy Halloween!  

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cure Alzheimer's disease

Maple Syrup Can Cure Alzheimer’s Disease

Researchers at the American Chemical Society say that pure maple syrup may help to prevent “misfolding” and the clumping of brain cell proteins. These proteins when they build up cause plaques which can trigger Alzheimer’s disease. So it was found that by using an extract from the maple syrup, two types of brain proteins were Read more

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