Assisted Living Nurses: The Voice of the Resident

Our four nurses combined have world-class training in caring for people with dementia and Alzheimer’s. Combined they have over 40 years of experience and dedication to people in assisted livings. Each one of these wonderful ladies has a passion for helping others and is proud to be part of the AutumnGrove family.  Nurses at an Read more

March 11, 2013 developer Comments

Moments of Joy: The Heart of a Veteran

The Heights Cottage Veterans Day Flagpole Dedication Ceremony No matter how many years it has been since they served their country, they will never forget. They will never forget the time dedicated and the honor received. They will never forget the friends lost and the memories made. They will never forget the feeling of pride Read more

March 8, 2013 developer Comments

Moments of Joy: A Lady’s Love for a Horse

Moments of Joy: A Lady’s Love for a Horse We had a resident at our Champions Cottage about a year ago named Gary. Gary was a lovely woman with a passion for horses. She always had horses growing up on a farm in Ft. Worth, Texas. Everyday while Gary lived at the Champions Cottage, she Read more

March 6, 2013 developer Comments

Our Difference: The Freedom to Wander

Our Difference: The Freedom to Wander As we have mentioned in previous “Our Difference” blog posts, AutumnGrove is a specialized assisted living for a variety of reasons. By only caring for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia we have the ability to provide detailed care that is tailored to each resident in our cottages. As some Read more

March 4, 2013 developer Comments

Our Heartbeat: Joyful Julie

Our Heartbeat: Joyful Julie – The Woodlands Cottage Manager To run a cottage you need a leader who is kind, dedicated, determined, loving and compassionate. Our Woodlands cottage manager is just that. Julie is someone who will take anyone under her wing and care for and love him or her like a member of her Read more

March 1, 2013 developer Comments

Our Heartbeat: Going the Extra Mile…Literally

Welcome to the “Our Heartbeat” series! In these blog posts I will talk about the people who are the core of AutumnGrove Cottage. From managers to residents and everyone in between, you will get to catch a glimpse of our heart and soul. Our Heartbeat: Going the Extra Mile…Literally I am going to start off Read more

February 27, 2013 developer Comments

Guest Post: Pros and Cons of Dementia Patients In Nursing Facilities

This blog post was written by Assisted Living Today who is a premier publishing resource focused on providing high quality, trustworthy information about various aspects of senior living. Dementia patients can be extremely difficult simply because they are no longer themselves. They are unpredictable because they don’t remember what they should be doing, who they are Read more

February 26, 2013 developer Comments

Our Difference: Supporting the Families

Supporting the Families Did you know that 60% of people caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s disease feels overwhelmed? 55% said that caring for their loved one has taken a toll on their personal health. Does this sound like you? Being a caregiver for someone with Alzheimer’s or dementia is a full time job. Read more

February 25, 2013 developer Comments

Our Cottages: The Woodlands

Before I write about the Woodlands cottage I wanted to fill everyone in on the “Our Cottage” series. AutumnGrove has 7 wonderful cottage locations in the Greater Houston Area, 1 in San Antonio and another on the way. Throughout the next couple months I will be spotlighting the cottages so everyone can get to know Read more

February 22, 2013 developer Comments