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Caregiver’s Tips: Taking a Vacation when your Loved One has Dementia

Summer is a great time to go on a vacation. Caregivers often feel guilty about leaving their loved ones behind while they go on vacation. They usually think that nobody can take care of their loved ones the way they do or the senior citizen may not want anyone else taking care of them. They Read more

June 29, 2018 developer Comments
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Why A Small Environment is Better for Someone with Dementia

Finding the right place for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or another type of dementia can be a challenge. There are many memory care facilities in the Houston area, each boasting of various amenities they offer, but which one is the right home for your loved one? Dementia patients can get lost or confused easily, and Read more

June 18, 2018 developer Comments
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Sunbathing for Residents in Assisted Living Communities

Sunbathing has gotten a bad reputation over the last few years due to an increase in skin cancer cases. However, sunbathing safely provides many benefits to people of all ages, and quite a few benefits to note for Alzheimer’s patients. Residents in assisted living communities can take advantage of the sun’s rays while walking with Read more

June 9, 2018 developer Comments
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6 Benefits of Assisted Living

After spending a lifetime in the family home, you may decide that it is time for a change. As we age, even simple chores can become overwhelming. For example, gardening may have been a favorite pastime, but now the idea of spending hours stooped over and pulling weeds or planting spring flowers sounds exhausting, not Read more

May 28, 2018 developer Comments
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Why Assisted Living is Best for Your Aging Parent

As parents age and become more dependent on others, it may be time to consider moving them to assisted living. Questions to ask yourself: Are your parents no longer able to perform simple chores like grocery shopping, cooking, and laundry? Are they having trouble bathing or grooming themselves? Do they forget to take medication? Are Read more

May 18, 2018 developer Comments
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When your loved one with dementia is missing

My best friend’s mom wandered off and was found by the police a mile away. My co-worker’s husband went for a walk and got lost two miles away from home. We’ve all heard about cases like these because unfortunately, they are very common. More than 300 dementia patients wander every day, or approximately 125,000 people Read more

May 5, 2018 developer Comments
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Alzheimer’s care confessions

Taking care of a loved one with Alzheimer’s can be a joy, but it can often be a struggle as well. You may be taking care of an aging parent or grandparent. Whether you look after your loved one in an assisted living facility or at home, you want to show your love and appreciation Read more

April 26, 2018 developer Comments
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Prevent dehydration in older adults with Alzheimer’s

The benefits of drinking water Drinking water is essential for good health. Staying hydrated means that your bodily fluids will help with digestion, regulate body temperature, and transport nutrients. An added benefit for those who are watching their weight is that drinking water may often be enough to stave off hunger. As the caregiver of Read more

April 16, 2018 developer Comments
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10 Things you should never say to an Alzheimer’s caregiver

Your best friend is taking care of her mom who has Alzheimer’s. You call your friend to make lunch plans, but she is always busy. You try to be supportive and tell her to call you if she needs anything, but your friend seems almost angry at the offer. Why? There are many things that Read more

April 5, 2018 developer Comments