AutumnGrove Turns 10 in 2015!

December 2, 2014 abigail Comments

AutumnGrove Cottage is excited to announce that in 2015 we will be celebrating 10 years of helping families battling Alzheimer’s and dementia! We are very excited to share this celebration with each and every one of you and we hope that you will join in on the fun. Starting in January, each month we will spotlight one of our cottages giving readers a little bit of history through stories and photos about that cottage. We want to share all of the amazing stories from past and present family members, caregivers and even the owners. All AutumnGrove Cottage staff are thrilled for 2015, so stay tuned to our blog, Facebook page and monthly newsletter to read all the stories and see pictures from day 1.

To kick things off, here is a photo of our co-founders, Bob Fuller and Randy Vanstory, on opening day of our first cottage, Copperfield.

AutumnGrove Opening and Training 017

Randy (L) and Bob (R)


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