AutumnGrove Cottage – The Meaning Behind The Name

September 20, 2013 developer Comments
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Businesses are named for a variety of reasons. Whether it is the founder’s last name, the name of the product or service or even the location of the business, the name is created to leave a lasting impression in the consumers’ minds. So when co-founders Bob Fuller and Randy Vanstory decided to name their Alzheimer’s assisted living facility, they thought long and hard on how to portray the heart of the company in the name.

AutumnGrove Cottage, a name that has become known to many, started in the hearts of its founders. Bob and Randy created a company to care for seniors with Alzheimer’s and dementia in a smaller home-like setting. They wanted to get a bed and breakfast feel inside their facilities and decided to build them to resemble cottages. This part of the name was probably the easiest to come up with because it easily described what our assisted livings look like. So how did they come up with AutumnGrove? They enlisted the help of a word specialist. They described the overall feel of the company to the specialist who then came up with a list of choices. AutumnGrove was the winner. Autumn resembles a period of time or a season in someone’s life. Our residents come to us in this stage of their lives or in the later stage of Alzheimer’s. The word Grove is defined as a gathering or a group. So AutumnGrove Cottage can be broken down to mean a gathering of seniors who are in later stages of life in a small, intimate home. This is exactly who we are. We care for seniors with Alzheimer’s or dementia in a cozy cottage atmosphere while honoring their dignity and individuality.

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