Assisted Living in The Woodlands, TX

Assisted Living HoustonAutumnGrove Cottage in The Woodlands is located in the Village of Alden Bridge. This cottage is nestled between beautiful trees and a park full of wildlife. From rabbits and deer to squirrels and all types of birds, there are plenty of animals for our residents to enjoy. Many of our cottage residents and family members stroll through the parks on sunny afternoons. Inside The Woodlands Cottage is a staff who is trained in every aspect of memory care and who has a big heart for the residents. The cottage manager has a dedication to caring for others as if they were part of her own family. She works every day, along with her caregivers, to help better the lives of those battling Alzheimer’s or other dementia related diseases. The Woodlands Cottage residents enjoy brain healthy home-cooked meals, brain stimulating individual and group activities, and tender loving care all in a warm and cozy atmosphere.

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