Assisted Living Humble TexasAssisted Living Humble, TX

Tucked away among the trees you will find the lovely AutumnGrove Cottage of Humble. The relaxing feel and caring staff offers residents a safe environment with fun entertainment, brain stimulating activities, and great home-cooked meals. Because of the close friendships at this cottage, you often find families helping throw holiday parties or grilling out in the back yard on a Friday night. Many volunteers visit with residents regularly and during the holidays you can catch the local high school choir singing Christmas carols to the residents.

The manager of the Humble cottage works closely with her caregivers to provide the best possible care to our residents. They have a passion for helping those with Alzheimer’s or dementia and are fantastic at their job. The Humble Cottage is a wonderful addition to the AutumnGrove family and has been thanked by many in the community.

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