Assisted Living Copperbrook TexasAssisted Living in Houston, TX

The Copperfield Cottage was the very first AutumnGrove Cottage that opened in Houston. The Copperfield Cottage has paved the way for all of our other cottages in providing personal compassionate care to those with Alzheimer’s and dementia. This cottage has the distinction of having a very picturesque back yard with lovely bedding plants, trailing vines and gorgeous flowers. Residents enjoy the spacious patio and often spend many mornings and afternoons just enjoying the view.

Inside, the cottage has areas for brain stimulating activities that are enjoyed by all of the residents. The open kitchen allows residents to watch their home-cooked meals being prepared and sometimes they even like to lend a helping hand. The Copperfield Cottage has special evenings with movie nights, old time music specials, reminiscing, and even a dance. The family members of this cottage visit their loved ones every day and are known to help throw cottage holiday parties.