Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Facility Staff

March 12, 2014 abigail Comments

When choosing an Alzheimer’s assisted living facility, one of the most influential factors is staffing. Staff should be caring, properly trained and have a positive attitude.

Alzheimer’s caregivers differ from regular assisted living caregivers because they require specialized training in memory care. The staff to resident ratio varies on the size of the facility and the level of care required for the residents. The majority of Alzheimer’s assisted livings have a higher staff to resident ratio to help ensure the highest quality of care for Alzheimer’s seniors. Along with the caregivers, the rest of the staff needs to be just as qualified to care for your loved one. Most facilities will be staffed with the majority following:

• A manager to oversee the day-to-day operations of the Alzheimer’s assisted living facility and to be the liaison between the families and caregivers.

• The Medical Director manages the healthcare program for the facility.

• A Social Worker ensures that residents are taken care of, and that all state or local laws are abided.

• The Director of Nursing oversees the nursing staff. The nursing staff can be a combination of registered nurses (RNs), licensed practical nurses (LPNs), clinical nursing assistants, (CNAs) and personal care technicians

• The Activity Coordinator organizes therapies and activities such as games to stimulate the minds and improve the health of the residents.

• The Housekeeping Coordinator manages housekeeping activities.

• The Dining Coordinator manages meal preparation and dietary restrictions.

• The Housekeeping Staff clean do laundry, and other chores.

• The Custodial Staff do maintenance and heavy cleaning, minor repairs, and some outside work.

• Volunteers work directly with residents to provide emotional support, physical care and recreational activities.

Depending on the size and scope of the facility, there may not be all of the above positions on site. Some facilities will also have medical doctors and therapists on staff. The staff ratio changes throughout the day and most staff will be working during day hours, with a reduced night staff.

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