A Man and His Harmonica

March 14, 2014 abigail Comments

IMG_3610Mr. Jack has a passion for making music. He loves to hear the beautiful sounds that he creates with his harmonica. He enjoys bringing smiles to people’s faces as they listen to his music and most importantly he embraces the joy it brings to his soul.

These thoughts and feelings of Jack’s are long forgotten. The days of playing his harmonica were said to be over. Jack, who lives at AutumnGrove Cottage in The Heights, is challenged with Alzheimer’s. As the disease progressed over time, his memory of playing the harmonica faded. One day his daughter came to The Heights Cottage for a visit and told the manager, Cynthia, that her dad used to play the harmonica all the time. She talked on and on of how much he loved to play and how much she wished he could play again. Well to her surprise, Cynthia had a wonderful plan. Cynthia went out and bought a harmonica for Jack and the next time the daughter came for a visit they both gave it to him. Jack opened the case and examined the instrument’s every detail. Both Cynthia and his daughter waited anxiously to see what he would do. After what seemed like hours, but really only a couple of minutes, of Jack looking at the harmonica a huge grin spread across his face. He looked up at his daughter and with so much joy in his eyes he started to play. Cynthia captured that sweet moment in a picture and you can easily see a man reclaiming his passion for the harmonica and a daughter reminiscing of the earlier days of her father.

Just because your loved one has Alzheimer’s that does not mean to don’t remember how to play the harmonica, make a quilt or bake a cake. If they have a passion for something it will show up in due time. Try and help them remember. Mr. Jack never talked about his harmonica playing days, but once it was in his hands it was like he never quit. Everyone has a passion in life, some just need a little help remembering what that passion is.

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