6 Benefits of Assisted Living

May 28, 2018 developer Comments
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After spending a lifetime in the family home, you may decide that it is time for a change. As we age, even simple chores can become overwhelming. For example, gardening may have been a favorite pastime, but now the idea of spending hours stooped over and pulling weeds or planting spring flowers sounds exhausting, not to mention back-breaking. The same for shoveling snow, for those who live up north – it never seemed like a huge deal when we were younger, but it is not something we would look forward to at this stage in our lives.

Family members may also feel that it is unsafe for their elderly loved ones to live alone and handle all the chores that come with home ownership. Now is the time to consider moving out of the family home into an assisted living facility in San Antonio like AutumnGrove Cottage. One of the advantages of living in San Antonio is the warm climate which allows outdoor activities all year round. There are many other benefits to assisted living.

Benefits of Assisted Living:

  • The caregivers help with personal care – whether it is dressing, laundry, bathing, your senior loved one will be in good hands.
  • There are many social opportunities – take a look at our activities calendar and meet your new neighbors as you are participating in art therapy classes or taking a walk through the garden.
  • Nutrition is customized based on dietary requirements and meals are supervised.
  • The facility is designed for safety and comfort.
  • A registered nurse is on the premises 24 hours a day, and there are fast emergency responses.

What makes AutumnGrove assisted living to stand out is the small amount of the residents (only 16) and the comfortable, home-like atmosphere. It is indeed challenging to leave your loved ones to the care of others, but you can make your whole family breathe a lot easier by looking for the best possible assisted living center for your loved ones.

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